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Clusters Ahoy!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

- St Anthony Church, Malwani Malad Courtesy: Tonian Tweets, April-June 2020

Retrieving Unity through each 'Station'

The Clusters of our community organised the Way of the Cross in a unique way this year. Each cluster invited the whole community to walk with them from one home to another, where one or two stations were reflected on, depending on the number of families in the cluster. We warmly welcomed our new addition of “Takshashila Co-op Hsg Society’ into this devout activity.

Our Way of the Cross thus spanned across all homes of the members in our community.

As we followed the cross-and-candle bearers up and down staircasess, balcony corridors and even roads, singing the Lenten hymns, we truly felt we were with the Lord on the way to


This 'personal touch ' had a unifying effect, binding us together as community with an even

greater fondness for each other.

Zenaida Gracias

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community


On 10th February we had a get-together for two of our Clusters - a total of 16 members with a few animators. We had a game of Housie, followed by refreshments, and ended with music and dance. Everyone was happy and felt that we should have more such functions for all Clusters.

Luiza Hendricks Co-ordinator

Our Lady of Fatima Community

Rathodi, Zone 4


A Glimpse into the life of Pope Francis

On 15th February, one of the six Clusters of our community met to view a documentary on the life of Pope Francis. We learned so much about our generous and humble Pope. He truly is an inspiration for us all. An inter-active session followed, snacks and coffee were served, and the evening ended with prayer. It was a very enriching experience. We thank Anita D’Souza our co-ordinator, the Sacred Heart sisters, and Mr Rao for facilitating this fellowship meet.

Christine Monteiro Nativity of Our Lady Community


Highlights of Marian Community

Cluster 1: 13th March: Way of the Cross at Rose Building

All eight families participated actively, with sixteen members singing and leading at least one station each. The eldest and youngest carried the crucifix and candles, while the enthusiastic children excitedly joined in.

Philomena Fernandes


Clusters 2 & 3: Way of the Cross at different locations followed by varying activities

28th February: Siddhivinayak Garden CHS premises, with 13 members present.

6th March: followed by a talk on the “Corona Virus” by Mr. Stanley Fernandes; eleven members appreciated this interaction.

13th March, followed by a discussion on the “Way of the Cross” by Mr. John Coutinho; at which the eleven members present,(both young and not so young) enjoyed the discussion.

We look forward to more members from our clusters participating, and thank our Coordinator, Mrs. Renita Menezes, for encouraging us.

Alvina D’cruz & Tracyann Fernandes


Clusters 4 & 5 made International Women’s Day 2020 a meaningful and memorable one, by felicitating our own home helpers with gifts from cash sacrificed during Lent. Their joy and gratitude overwhelmed us; they couldn’t believe that we thought of them! The joy of giving little gifts that matter to someone!!

Renita Menezes


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