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A Community that Prays Together Stays United Forever - Sacred Heart Church, Andheri

'A Community that prays together, bonds with each other and will stay united forever.'

In these trying times of the pandemic, the "Good Shepherd Community” of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East, decided to be a COVID community, in the (CO) Company of Jesus and Mary with (VI) Vibrant Individuals sharing their (D) Diverse talents.

October being the month of the Rosary we prayed the Rosary daily through the virtual tour of the Holy Land and Bible reflection. Children and adults, despite their busy schedules of online examinations and work, volunteered to use their talents and offer gratitude to God and honour His mother by making 31st October very special.

Our Spiritual Director Fr. Sundar, SVD enlightened us on 'The Rosary’ - A Powerful Weapon that helps us overcome all evil. Participating community members showcased their talent as an offering to our Lord and Mother Mary.

• Daniel sang the hymn, “As I Kneel Before you”, whilst Caleb sang a beautiful Konkani hymn.

• The children through their art conveyed their message of love and devotion to our Lady. Michelle drew a picture of Mother Mary, Aidan drew a Rosary and implored the blessings of Mother Mary on us all, Agnelo and Sandra’s children depicted Mary as the center of our lives.

• Some families beautifully created the Rosary - Seanna made a colourful Rosary, reminding us of our Baptism and the life we are given. Delphine beaded a Rosary from grains of Channa and Dal and decorated her Altar reminding all to pray the Rosary and teach our children to pray. We had a non-Christian neighbor Reshma who created the Rosary from palm leaves, hay and food grains depicting the difficulty the villages faced during the Cyclone.

• Laura expressed her gratitude through dance. Rosita and her family decorated their altar beautifully

• Participants shared prayers and reflection. Ivy shared that "When we pray in a group, the prayer of each one belongs to all."

• Susan made us aware of our Mother in heaven whom we can call upon for help always. Jesus offered Mary to be our Mother when he said to his disciple, "Behold your mother". Hazel made us realize that just as Mary stood by Jesus at the cross, she stands by us in times of trial and temptation, comforting us in our loneliness and pain. Margarette prayed that we put our trust in Mother Mary and always pray the Rosary.

• As thanksgiving, Jaya and Betina thanked Mother Mary for her blessings and asked her to intercede for us with her son Jesus Christ. Austin and Eva were blessed with a lovely son and affirmed that a family that prays together is always blessed by the Almighty.

Life is challenging with the lockdown and having this special Rosary seemed like a challenge; however we firmly believed that for God nothing is impossible. Thoughts became action and indeed the 31st October was very special.

Zuleika Rodricks

Sacred Heart Church

Andheri East


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