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World Day of Grandparents, Parents and the Elderly - Our Lady of Egypt, Kalina

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Church celebrates 26 July 2022 as the “World Day for Parents, Grandparents and the Elderly”. The theme “Being the Light at the End of the Tunnel” – reflecting that the whole Church and the community is close to them, cares about them, loves them and does not want to leave them alone even at the fag end of their life.

In response to this, Our Lady of Egypt Parish, Kalina celebrated this occasion not only in the Church but also at the community level.

Our parish fathers organised a progamme for the parents on 31 July 2022 wherein the Sunday school children along with their teachers performed, a variety of songs, dances, skits making it a memorable day for the parents followed by a lunch sponsored by the parish priest.

Dominic Savio Community reached out to around 12 Grandparents by personally visiting them and having a small prayer at their homes followed by presenting them with a rose as a token of our love and care for them. This gesture not only brought smile on the faces of all our seniors but was also appreciated by them through whatsapp messages which stated “that this gesture and the meaningful prayer …. We were touched for your dedicated time and love… it means so much to welcome such loving touch when you catch up with age”. A rosary at the community grotto was also recited for the health of all parents in the community, which was joined by 15 families.

St. Joseph community also visited 10 parent/grandparents and presented them with gifts. The smile on their faces filled the hearts of the animators with joy. The parents, grandparents were overjoyed to personally meet the coordinators and animators and they thanked them for this gesture.

St.Anthony’s Community also reached out to 17 families and gifted each grandparent, parent and elderly with a set of face towels.

The youth/kids/animators of St.Andrews Community gifted grandparents and parent with snacks and a card prepared by the children themselves.

Gifts and flowers was also personally distributed to grandparents and parents of St.Thomas Community and a prayer was recited at each home.

Our Lady of Nazareth and St. Peters community visited grandparents who were homebound.

The families expressed their heartfelt thanks to the animators for visiting them and the feedback presented by some families were : “appreciated this gesture and thanks for making time for us”, “thanks for visiting our family and saying a lovely prayer”.


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