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A Step Towards a Clean and Green Environment

During the 9 days of the Nativity Novena this year, the Sunday School teachers and their students beautifully correlated the life of our Blessed Mother with the theme “Care for Creation”, one of the many concerns of our Holy Father.

And so, at our community core group meeting in September, our PPC member who keenly supports the collection of DRY WASTE through RADDICONNECT an NGO, shared a plan to hold a mini collection drive on Sunday, the 27th of September 2020 which was welcomed by our community members. Following the success of this drive, many families personally requested her to organise many more such drives.

Accordingly at the October monthly core group meeting, it was decided to undertake Waste Management as one of our tasks. The response was extremely positive with all agreeing to first self-cultivate the habit and discipline especially those who are not presently doing it and also to promote the same among the families in our community.

It was also suggested to ask the other two communities of Takshila, i.e. nos. 14 and 15 if they were interested to join us in this mission, which they readily agreed to do.

And so, we contacted AASRA, an NGO that works for and with the rag pickers and who are also tied up with the BMC (K-East Ward) and told them we would like to organise a drive for collection of dry waste. They shared some information on how we could organise our home waste and visited the Takshila complex on Sunday, 1st November, to collect the DRY WASTE. The drive was a major success with even our non-Christian neighbours and friends participating, greatly appreciating our efforts. We plan to have many more such drives whenever possible and to work zealously towards a Clean and Green Environment, for ourselves and for our future generations.

Wilma Pinto

Sacred Heart Church

Andheri East


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